Review: Sacred Cows

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This weekend I had an opportunity to read Sacred Cows (Magabala Books) by Anita Heiss. It’s a quick, but very good read. I reviewed it this week during the first of our After Dinner with the Critical Classroom.

The importance of Imagined Communities

Dr Sandra Phillips, currently at the Creative Industries faculty at Queensland University of Technology, writes and researches in the areas of literature and publishing, Indigenous literature and the field of Indigenous Studies. In the Convictions and Connections: Australian Theatre Forum 2011 presentation below,

The Racial Discrimination Act – proposed 2013 amendments

It was recently announced by the new Commonwealth government that they are intending amend certain sections of the Racial Discrimination Act in order to discourage litigation, particularly when it comes to free speech. We at the Critical Classroom (and Iscariot Media) do not agree with any amendments that make it okay to vilify, insult and … Continue reading The Racial Discrimination Act – proposed 2013 amendments

Research: Seeing, Knowing & Doing

Last week I explored the idea of research for students in 1213QCA Indigenous Art, Protocols and Practices at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. In the context of the student’s work, I focused on the idea of research as not being about the stereotypical idea of research (thinking here – lab coats, clip boards, pen … Continue reading Research: Seeing, Knowing & Doing

Avatar – watch with one eye closed

29 January – Update – for more analysis, commentary & opinion on the gender/race/colonising politics/themes of the film, go to Sociological Images (Thanks SRP for the link)Update 2 – Another analysis on Avatar on the blog – As The Teaching Drum Turns blog.Just a quick blog to start myself blogging again. Went to see Avatar … Continue reading Avatar – watch with one eye closed