Easter is deadly

Our new publication, Easter is deadly is almost ready to be shipped. Over the next few days we’ll be uploading teaching ideas to help teachers use the book, including lesson plans and art/craft ideas. Watch this space folks! (Originally posted on criticalclassroom on TypePad on 02/11/10)

Easter craft

Here are a couple of things we created using the Easter is Deadly book. The first is a little craft easter gift for someone special. Annie made one for her friend Shanae. The second is a sponge painting of Jaragun’s nest. We use enlarged photoccopies to add in Jaragun and some eggs. (Originally posted on … Continue reading Easter craft

Jaragun’s Country – A slideshow!

Can’t get to Idinji Country to see Jaragun’s Nest? Here are some photos for your to explore when thinking and teaching about Easter is Deadly. You can also grab the link to post it into your own blog/wiki. (Originally posted on criticalclassroom on TypePad on 03/25/2010)