My NAIDOC Celebration Book


Celebrate NAIDOC each year, creating your own booklet.

Across Australia, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Week is celebrated in July. We’ve created a simple booklet that you can use in your classroom.  With 14 pages to choose from, you can tailor make a booklet for your own students needs. You can also design and add in your own pages.


Product Description

Rather than dictate what activities you should do in your classroom, My NAIDOC Celebration Book lets you, the educator choose from 14 separate pages. Students create their own individual flag-shaped book for their celebrations. We have lined and unlined pages so you can create your own activities.

Our pages include:

  1. My NAIDOC Celebration Book (Cover)
  2. What is NAIDOC?
  3. What happens in Brisbane during NAIDOC week?
  4. What happens in your community during NAIDOC week?
  5. The Aboriginal flag
  6. The Torres Strait Islander flag
  7. Design your own flag
  8. Create an Acrostic poem
  9. My NAIDOC Countdown
  10. Word Mine
  11. History of NAIDOC
  12. Thinking about this year’s theme
  13. Unlined Page
  14. Lined page

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