Goori Advent Calendar


Celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture each Christmas with our Goori Advent Calendar.

Print out a framable print, or the blank version for colouring-in.

Product Description

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The Goori (Aboriginal) Advent Calendar for teachers, is based on a painting by Yugambeh-Bundjalung artist and educator Lisa M. Buxton.

In 2008, Lisa created an acrylic painting on canvas, of an advent calendar (counting down from the 1st of December through to the 25th of December) in her signature Goori* style. With Lisa’s permission, we have converted her original Aboriginal Christmas painting to a digital format, so that you can print it out for your classroom or home on quality printed paper. We have also created a colourable version that students can colour in themselves.

This publication contains

  • Colourable Goori Advent Calendar
  • Coloured Goori Advent Calendar

*Goori is an Aboriginal word meaning people. It is used in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. You may already know Koori (for New South Wales and Victoria) and Murri (for Queensland).

Please note: The Goori Advent Calendar is a downloadable file and contains two worksheets. the first is a colourable version of the original painting, and the second is the coloured version of the original painting. You will need access to a printer in order to use this resource.

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