Building a practice of engagement

I’ve recently started following Arash Daneshzadeh on Twitter (and now on Medium too). His post from July 2014 reminded me about Freire’s Banking Concept of Education (teacher as knowledge holder deposits knowledge into students). It’s resonating with me because I’m currently writing a unit for ACU for pre-service teachers, and I’m mid-way through writing and feeling a bit stalled.I’m going round-and-round trying to avoid the banking approach. Between that and playing with different ways to deliver necessary information, and to create opportunities for students to engage (forums?) my head is spinning. It will come. Perhaps not immediately, but maybe during the first semester of teaching where I can get feedback and then tweak.

It’s my experience that some students are trained under the banking model so when they’re presented with a different way of learning it can take them a while to unlearn old ways. I’ve been in plenty of classes where students just expect to sit and listen (or pretend to listen), so that when you ask a question to try to get discussion, they just sit there looking at you dumbfounded. It’s funny and sad at the same time. But it’s all part of the challenge and one of the reasons why I love teaching.

You can read Danshzadeh’s post here: Freire and The Ed Game.