You’re Deadly!

Here is the “Too Deadly” poster for the Easter & Christmas books (and probably many of the books we’ll publish in the future). It was actually quite difficult to create this poster, not because it is a feat of design wonder, but because I was confused about how to define “deadly”.
Deadly is all of the things in the poster – smart, knowing, solid, excellend, cool, great, fantastic. But its more than that. “Deadly” is an English language word that has been appropriated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in many parts of the continent. Many communities and individuals feel an absolute sense of ownership over the word deadly.
Here is an article about the term by Troy Vinson. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, try googling “deadly” & “Aboriginal”. Have a look at the way the term is used.
Grab the poster from flickr here.
(Originally posted on criticalclassroom on TypePad on 03/19/2010)