Rembering the Mabo Decision

THE MABO CASE Ever since Captain James Cook‘s declaration of possession in 1770, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have fought against the dispossession of their lands, food sources, waterways, families and homelands. First English, then Australian law justified it’s own existence through the concept of Terra nullius. The application of terra nullius, a latin … Continue reading Rembering the Mabo Decision

Remembering the Mabo Decision – Student Links

Mabo Day is the held each year on the 3rd of June. It remembers the historic Mabo decision in 1992. Use your Remembering the Mabo Decision booklet, learn about this day at the following links: ABC – Schools – Eddie Mabo Torres Strait Island Regional Authority (TSRA) – Mabo Day About Eddie Mabo … Continue reading Remembering the Mabo Decision – Student Links