South East Queensland shines at Clancestry

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 4.35.04 pm

The Clancestry symbol projected onto the wall of QPAC, above the Opening Ceremony action.

For the third year in a row, QPAC, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre has hosted Clancestry, a festival of South East Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

I’m possibly a little biased this year, as I took part in one of the Clancestry Conversations as chair of one of the panels, but I’m pretty sure this year the Clancestry crew nailed the production.

Each year so far there have been a number of aspects to the event that are worth describing for those of you who will make an effort to get alont next year.

  • Clancestry Conversations: These are three events of curated conversations with a chair and a panel.
  • Clancestry Opening Ceremony: Is an opening ceremony of dance and music.
  • Clancestry Concert: Features musicians and bands in concert
  • Clancestry Closing Ceremony: Similar to the opening ceremony, the closing corroborree is a feast of dance.
  • The Marketplace: sellers of arts and cultural products from around South East Queensland gather together in a single place.

In a post I wrote (well, maybe ranted) a few years ago, there really is little justification for non-Aboriginal people to say ‘I don’t know any Aboriginal people’ nor ‘I don’t know how to find out information’. The information is everywhere, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are everywhere. And there is ‘culture’ right here in South East Queensland. And many of our public institutions are committed to providing opportunities for everyone to engage.

I hope that if you haven’t got along to a Clancestry yet, and you are in South East Queensland, you will add this event to your calendar.

See our Facebook Album for some of the Clancestry 2015 action.