A Rosa Parks moment? I don’t think so …

According to a Brisbane Times report today, LNP Women vice-president Peta Simpson cited Rosa Parks when justifying the decision to hold their International Women’s Day event at the men’s only Tattersalls Club in Brisbane. While Tattersalls now allow women to enter the club, women are still denied membership.

Invoking Rosa Parks is offensive. It is offensive to the actual sacrifices made by people like Rosa Parks in working to end segregation in the mid-1900s. It is also offensive to the activists across the world who are still fighting to end segregation and discrimination today.

The ignorance of women like Simpson is astonishing. Not only does she lack any historical understanding of the world, but apparently little appreciation for the position of women today.

I invite you to read more of the “wisdom” of Fiona SImpson – LNP Women at men-only club a ‘Rosa Parks moment’