{Review} Life B’long Ali Drummond A life in the Torres Strait by Samantha Faulkner

“Family life is one of the most important things in Sam Faulkner’s life. Ali Drummon is Sam Faulkner’s grandfather, and this is his story. Ali Drummon has had an extraordinary life, by any standards. Orphaned when young, Ali took to a life at sea aged just fourteen. Originally taken on as an apprentice, Ali applied himself to learning the skills he needed to survive .. “Life B’long Ali Drummond: A life in the Torres Strait by Samantha Faulkner is a must buy for school libraries. Very few teachers in Australia have much knowledge or awareness of the Torres Strait Islands, so this book is very useful. The book was published by Aborigines Studies Press in 2008 and is available online from a number of places. Watch my review here:

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