Resources – Sisters Dreaming

Am really conscious that I’ve spent too many of my last posts talking about me/us/ourwork.

To rectify that imbalance, I’ll spend the next few posts over this Easter school holiday break checking out other Indigenous Australian educational resource creators.

Sisters Dreaming is a New South Wales based enterprise (but they sell online to all over the continent) focusing on literacy and numeracy activities (word bingo, alphabet cards, puzzles etc). You can find them at Fantastic for early childhood educators everywhere!

I love their illustrations that were created by Cecily Wellington-Carpenter. I met the SistersDreaming mob at the WIPC:E Conference in Melbourne a few years back – they’re pretty deadly.

I love their byline – Indigenous Resources for All. Its really important that schools and teachers realise that these resources are relevant for ALL kids, not just Indigenous kids and “Indigenous” schools.

Check out their website and support this deadly business.

(Originally posted on criticalclassroom on TypePad on 04/06/2010)