Play Letterbox & learning Indigenous language

Play Letterbox
As promised yesterday, here is another resource, though you don’t need to buy this one.
Letterbox was produced by Carbon Media, an Indigenous Australian media company. The Letterbox programme was televised on NITV and ABC3, and is targeted at primary school aged kids.

Letterbox JPG

You can play the games online. Unfortunately the games aren’t leveled and many of them may be for higher level students (Michael & I had a bit of a hard time with alpha bubbles but rocked on word it out!). I suggest that teachers check out the words to make sure that learners can cope (maybe its a site that hard workers can aspire to)
Overall though, its a great spot for fast finishers and I’d definitely bookmark it.

Learn Language
The other great part of this site is the Winanga-Li section (I think Winanga-Li means “to know, to remember” – I’m not sure which language).

Here you can watch the short beautifully produced language videos from over the continent. They’re designed to teach young people language. And as I’ve just discovered their embeddable!! See here below.

(Originally posted on criticalclassroom on TypePad on 04/07/2010)