I’m a Feminist and no buts …

Today I had an opportunity to go listen to Anita Sarkeesian speak at the All About Women Festival at the Sydney Opera House. Anita’s presentation and follow-up questions, touched on a number of issues. My take away learnings will land over the next few days as I absorb Anita’s talk, but so far –


ABC’s Julia Baird with Anita Sarkeesian

  • The sexist and misogynist vitriol and hatred that many women who speak out receive from men, could be seen as an sign that things are actually changing. I’ve often felt this in relation to the 18C case. The harder the establishment fight to retain the status quo is actually a sign that we are at the start of a significant cultural shift.
  • Anita referred to an Information Cascade, which she defined as a lie or misconception circulated repeatedly (in this case through platforms like YouTube, Twitter, 4Chan etc) so that in the end it becomes seen as truth. I could relate to this concept in relation to Australia and Aboriginal People and Culture. There are stereotypes, tropes and misconceptions about Aboriginal people and culture that have circulated over hundreds of years to become truth. Some of these stereotypes include, Aboriginal people are violent.

Unfortunately I was unable to get to any other events for All About Women. It looked like a great program and a great way for Sydney to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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