Happy Birthday David Unaipon

Today, the 28th of September is the 140th birthday of David Unaipon. He was the first published Aboriginal author. He was a scientist and mathematician, an inventor and a religious educator.
We can only image what his life, as an Aboriginal man must have been like 140 years ago. It is not hard to imagine the hardships and disappointment he would have experienced as a result of society’s embedded racism against Aboriginal people. And we can only imagine what he might have achieved had he been given the same opportunities as other men of his age.
Sadly, most Australian’s, young and old, will say “who?” when we mention his name. Let’s spread the word of him and work and begin to make him the household name he should be.
More information about David Unaipon:
Image credit: A deadly birthday cake for David Unaipon by Annie Ah Kee using Minecraft.