Free Range Scholar

I’m making up an acronym –  Free-Range-Scholar (I think I’ve plagarised it from @blogdiva – but because we’re free-range its okay). I’ve referred to myself in recent years as an academic refugee – its like a Life-Long Learner, but kinda not, because despite ourselves, we do look for therigour of academia (even if we don’t always achieve it).But I think we FRS’ love reading academic texts – newspapers really are not enough & some stuff on the web is dodgy (not all – but some. This is fine if you’re a university student or staff member, then you will have access to that stuff through your library’s databases.

However, if you’re NOT then its really hard to access some journals. They cost $$.

So, under the blog category of free-range-scholar, I’m linking good quality writings from the web (readings, journal articles & ejournals) about all kinds of topics.

The first is the International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies. They’re based at the Indigenous Studies Research Network based at QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

If you know of any good journals on the web, drop me a line.
Thanks, Leesa