Fostering Islamaphobia through propaganda

Too many black and white are falling for unthinking patriotism. Perhaps they/we always have, but in today’s digitally-connected world we see each other’s opinions so much more than in the past.

islamaphobiaA young relative of mine shared this image into Facebook my stream this morning. My response to the post:

This image is racist because it’s designed to incite Islamophobia and retain/restore the normality of Whiteness or White Australia. Of course the image on the right isn’t okay. But there would be few who think it is okay. Yet the overall image juxtaposes them as comparable while clearly being apples and oranges. In Australia, Whiteness dominates, there is no equality in the power differences, nor the voices of both sets of peoples. This doesn’t make the placard on the right okay. But by showing a peaceful happy White child innocently waving his flag against he little brown boy with a sign promoting barbarism. Let’s share and make this pic go viral to tell the world just how White we are. Yes, the patriotism on the left is racist, so is the right.

The image asks us to believe that there are only two sides to the story, that there is an either/or. You’re either on the side or Peace and Civilisation or on the side of Intolerance and Barbarism.