A Rosa Parks moment? I don’t think so …

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According to a Brisbane Times report today, LNP Women vice-president Peta Simpson cited Rosa Parks when justifying the decision to hold their International Women’s Day event at the men’s only Tattersalls Club in Brisbane. While Tattersalls now allow women to enter the club, women are still denied membership.

Two racist broke girls

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I woke this morning to the news that the US television program Two Broke Girls decided to include a racist joke about Aboriginal Australians. During the episode And the Fun Factory, one character says

Aljazeera picks up the ‘tent embassy’ story

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If you rely on the mainstream news, it’s pretty easy to have a very narrow version of the world. Since last year, a group of protestors have been protesting again property development in Redfern, setting up camp and maintaining a Tent Embassy.

Conversations on Constitutional Recognition

Today via UStream the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association hosted a Live Chat about the Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. The panelists were diverse in their opinions and the conversation was lively. They were Amy McQuire, Michael Mansell, Les Malezar, and Mark McMillan. (Apologies to Mark whose name I spelt about a … Continue reading Conversations on Constitutional Recognition

Recognise: Recogning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution

I attended my first Recognise event last week, and am finally getting an opportunity to write it up. If you’re not familiar with “Recognise”, it’s the one with the crazy-make-my-eye-squint-fluro-R logo, or officially, the national campaign to gather support for changes to the Australian Constitution which removes “race” clauses and adds in “recognition”. I have still … Continue reading Recognise: Recogning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution

The Racial Discrimination Act – proposed 2013 amendments

It was recently announced by the new Commonwealth government that they are intending amend certain sections of the Racial Discrimination Act in order to discourage litigation, particularly when it comes to free speech. We at the Critical Classroom (and Iscariot Media) do not agree with any amendments that make it okay to vilify, insult and … Continue reading The Racial Discrimination Act – proposed 2013 amendments