Language, assumptions and spreading untruths


During the week Senator Eric Abetz referred to the United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as ‘negro’. In the context of Senator Abetz’s comments I would argue that it was not acceptable and demonstrates that the Senator has not moved with the times.

Adam Goodes and David Jones

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You would have to be in Facebook purgatory not to know about the latest uproar about Adam Goodes. This week David Jones announced that Adam was appointed one of twelve brand ambassadors for the chain, and the crowd went wild (and not in a good way).

Learning Indigenous Language is one of the keys to self-determination

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Reclaiming and cultivating Indigenous language has to be one of the fundamental principles of self-determination. Language is one of those forces that shapes our understanding of the world, and in turn helps to shape the way we see the world. Language is much more than just “what’s the language word for x?”. While there is … Continue reading Learning Indigenous Language is one of the keys to self-determination

Erasing the Rowley Line


We can’t underestimate the impact that historical thinking has on our thinking today. The Rowley Linewas literally a line drawn by sociologist CD Rowley across a map of Australia to artificially divide Aboriginal Peoples and communities into two distinct and binary groups – colonial/remote and settled.


naidoc, 2015

The winner of the 2015 National NAIDOC poster competition has been announced. Congratulations to Elaine Chambers on the winning design.

Fostering Islamaphobia through propaganda

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Too many black and white are falling for unthinking patriotism. Perhaps they/we always have, but in today’s digitally-connected world we see each other’s opinions so much more than in the past.

The BBC’s Banished Whitewashes Australian History

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The news of the BBC’s new seven-part series Banished hit the news stands today. And within hours, the criticism hit the streams. After reading about Banished, I’m not surprised at the criticism. You see, it’s about Australia. In particular it’s apparently about Governor Arthur Phillip, convicts and is set on Australian shores. And guess what? … Continue reading The BBC’s Banished Whitewashes Australian History

I’m a Feminist and no buts …

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Today I had an opportunity to go listen to Anita Sarkeesian speak at the All About Women Festival at the Sydney Opera House. Anita’s presentation and follow-up questions, touched on a number of issues. My take away learnings will land over the next few days as I absorb Anita’s talk, but so far –