Blak History Month – Connect

In its second “official” year, Australia’s Blak History Month is steadily gathering momentum and is being helped along by social networking tools.

There is –

And importantly, there is a “buzz” as more people start talking about this new celebration.

Of course, a big shout out goes to Sam Cook from @kissmyblakarts for kicking the whole thing off in 2008 (and for the initial logo design).

So keep sharing folks, what you’re doing? what you want to do now and/or in the future?

It will also be interesting to watch as non-Indigenous Blak Australians start participating from their own communities.

Late addition to this post:

Follow @kissmyblakarts on Twitter to get the link to your Great Moments in Blak History downloadable worksheets (or join the facebook group where they are also available).

(Originally posted on InquiryBites on TypePad on June 30, 2009)