Blak History Month 1 – 31st July

All the days we know of as important and meaningful are created. Here is a worthy event to celebrate. It started small in 2008 but can grow into whatever we want it to. This announcement is from Sam Cook, initiator of Kiss My Blak Arts.

Public Announcement
As we mark this day as a moment of Indigenous Survival, let us note that it has been one year to the day, that the message was sent to Australia and the World, to recognise and celebrate JULY as AUSTRALIA’S BLAK HISTORY MONTH. 

From a humble grassroots pledge – to what continues to gain momentum daily – let us collectively look toward how we can each play a role in promoting a month of positive pride to share, celebrate and carry forth the history of the 1st Australians – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Please encourage more people to join the group and/or talk about it in your local community, amongst family, your mob and people of ALL backgrounds and heritage, so that they too, can Celebrate with Us.
By breathing life into BLAK HISTORY MONTH, you will each take your mark as founders of a lifelong legacy, itself a moment in BLAKISTORY. 

In Unity, Strength and Pride. Sam Cook (More information about Kiss My Blak Arts available from 

(Originally posted in InquiryBites blog on TypePad on March 9, 2009)