Bibles and Bullets by Fiona Foley

A recent trip to Sydney had us in search of Indigenous created public art. We found Bibles and Bullets by Fiona Foley.

Fiona is a Brisbane-based artist who has work in all the major public collections around Australia and overseas. She was a founding member of Boomalli Aboriginal Art Collective. Fiona’s practice crosses disciplines, including photography, installation, public art, painting, sculpture. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and is a regular speaker on Indigenous and public art matters. Fiona was recently acknowledged as an Arts Queensland Culture Champion.

Her work as an independent artist is a template for professional excellence in the creative industries.

Here are some of our images from our visit to Bibles and Bullets at Redfern Park, taken in October 2013.




Some of our discussion questions about this work might be:

  • What is the artist referencing when she titles the work Bibles and Bullets? What period in history? What events?
  • Who or what is Biami? Why is this significant?
  • How do some artists use visual references to talk about historical events?

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