Aboriginal Place Names of Brisbane

Using Google Maps + Tom Petrie’s Reminiscences of Early Queensland: Dating from 1837 by Constance Campbell Petrie (1904), I’ve started creating a map of Aboriginal Place Names of Brisbane. Its in its earliest of days yet as I add in a couple of names each week.

I’m also looking for other sources I can use (aside from Campbell Petrie’s) including local community people.

If you’ve never used Google Maps before, just go to http://maps.google.com.au/. If  you get stuck (which I often do if its been a few weeks since the last time I worked on the map, just click “help” in the top right hand corner. There are short videos as well as questions & answers from other people.

Extending your Google Map – here is an article about how to work further with Google Maps. I’ll be looking for more ideas over time.

Don’t forget you can embed the map into your wiki or class blog as well.

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